Can your imagination change the world? Yes!

Want to change the plastic conversation from tragic to terrific? A new project is pioneering how we see waste by asking us to imagine what kind of world we most want to live in.

The Camilla Plastic Ocean Plan incorporates science, art, and technology to change the conversation about plastic from one of despair to hope. The Film University of Babelsberg brought together thinkers, artists, and visual storytellers to explore ways we can change the conversation around plastic, and asked Dung Beetle Project Director Jeffrey Barbee to present on the value of art in science communication. Our message of hope, shared from our powered by plastic art stage, helps people everywhere see plastic differently and it was exciting to discover from the other presenters how people around the world are finding new ways to deal with plastic waste and create a new future. Discover more from our latest story on Alliance Earth’s website, the Dung Beetle Project’s parent organization.

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