The Dung Beetle Project and their epic eco-demonstration at the National School of the Arts festival

Students from the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg are ready for the show on The Dung Beetle art stage.

As part of the massive National School of the Arts festival, the students are helping share the message of reduce, reuse and recycle plastic as well as the universal message of The Dung Beetle Project. The Dung Beetle Project is known for its work in sharing education on how we can save the planet by being more environmentally minded. Not only is The Beetle a piece of art, but it also creates fuel from plastic and we could all do better finding similar ways of helping the planet and each other.

We are sharing this message of hope that together we can do something about the epidemic of plastic pollution.

The Dung Beetle Project fires up the start of the festival day with a performance & eco-demonstration on the NSA field at 8am with another performance at 12 noon. There is no capacity limit but we do advise you to get some tickets and join the festival all day.

Even your friends will say “We want to go see the Dung Beetle” when you tell them about this great initiative.

Don’t be toxic, be awesome! If you missed the show on Wednesday 4 March or Thursday 5 March, you can still catch it on Friday 6 March.

Info on bookings here. Come join us or follow us on social media.

Date : 5 and 6 March 2020
Time : 8am and 12pm
Venue : National School of the Arts