Announcements being made from the Dung Beetle stage.

Dung Beetle Project Featured on Atlas of the Future

Not only does our dung beetle travel to all parts of South Africa to teach and show people how plastic can be turned into energy, but it is now also travelling digitally across the globe as a feature on Atlas of the Future.

Atlas of the Future is an online platform showcasing profiles of people and projects working to create a better world. Their mission is “democratising the future by speaking human” and features thousands of projects from science and technology, education, energy, agriculture, urbanism, and politics.

The projects chosen are real and innovative, with long-term vision and commitment to a lasting positive impact. There are four criteria to meet in order for a project to be featured. These include:

  1. The project is real and currently happening.
  2. The project is innovative. It brings a creative element or unique contribution to solving the
    challenges facing humanity.
  3. The project is created with long-term vision and dedication to the future.
  4. The project is committed to a lasting positive impact.

Atlas of the Future felt so strongly about our Dung Beetle Project and felt we met all the criteria to feature us on their website. You can read about it on the Atlas of the future page.

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