What we did at Treetops Eco School.

1. Recycling to save the animals

“I recycle at home a lot… and at school we collect plastic to help the environment so all animals don’t choke (on plastic) so that we don’t need to take them to the vet. As it’s very sad when they have to go to the vet and they have to cut their stomachs out. We take a box and we put all the pieces of litter and put them in different sections.”

Bandile Nala, Durban, South Africa, Treetops Eco-School.

2. Planting trees and turning plastic into fuel

“Eco-Rangers is a club in my school where we plant and water stuff. We talk about litter and things that keep the environment clean and the things that make the environment dirty like plastic and polystyrene. The Dung Beetle Project can melt the plastic and turn it into fuel. If we could do this everywhere it could save the environment.”

Yashna, Durban, South Africa, Treetops Eco-School

3. Waste turned into art

“We colour fish on a piece of paper and then our teacher cuts the plastic fish out for us from a plastic bottle. We draw dots and stripes with a marker and then paint it. We are recycling plastic into art.”

Simmy Matha, Durban, South Africa, Treetops Eco-School

4. Recycling saves the environment

“I think the Dung Beetle is cool and nice because it looks cool… I like bugs… I think recycling saves the environment.”

Issy Haarof, Durban, South Africa, Treetops Eco-School

5. Cleaning and spreading word

“The Dung Beetle is turning plastic into flames and energy… we can all help the Dung Beetle by recycling, picking up litter and telling people how to do it. We joined the International Beach Clean-up Day and cleaned up plastic on the beach using a sieve.”

Oliver Kidson, Durban, South Africa, Treetops Eco-School

The Dung Beetle Project Schools Outreach Initiative strives to spread the word of environmental conservation and educates about the importance of recycling and renewable energy. Education about the environment should start early and you can find out more about what the Dung Beetle Project does here.