How can “RRR” revolutionize the plastic pollution problem?

The Dung Beetle says “RRR” about plastic pollution! Reduce, reuse and recycle!
Did you know that only 11% of the plastic in South Africa is reused or recycled?

You can do your part first by REDUCING your plastic use like this:

  1. Use cloth bags for shopping, plastic shopping bags are yuck.
  2. Don’t bag your fruit and veggies in the shop, use a reusable bag or just take it home naked!
  3. Don’t use cling wrap! Reuse hard plastic or ceramic bowls for leftovers.
  4. Pack your lunch in reusable containers and bags.
  5. Chewing gum is made from plastic, yuck! It’s best to just whistle.
  6. If you see too much plastic packaging at the supermarket, ask the manager to use less.
  7. Never buy bottles of water or a cool drink, use a glass or steel water bottle instead.

If we can REUSE plastic, even once, then that stops more from being made!

  1. Reuse plastic yogurt tubs that are marked plastic number 5, and pack your lunch in there!
  2. Clean plastic ziplock bags, you can reuse these like ten times!
  3. Repurpose plastic bottles into planters, pencil cases or really anything.
  4. Hang two litre bottles on your wall for a vertical garden.
  5. Share this link with your teachers and friends, learn more!


  1. Get to know your plastic numbers through our helpful “What The Plastic?” Guide.
  2. Put your plastic in a separate bin from your glass and metal.
  3. If you clean your plastic, it is MUCH more likely to be recycled.
  4. Plastic must be dry, this also stops it from stinking….ewwwww.