This is what I wrote the day I arrived home…

There is always something you take out of the burn…
sometimes clear sometimes not easy to capture in words
for me this time, it was clear as daylight at the very end of the week

It started with a small discussion in camp between others, about a fantasy that probably would never be able to be materialized. I overheard the discussion and was confronted with my own limiting beliefs.

I recall telling my kids so often, looking at the toys they eyed at in the shop, well you’ll never get that, so you may as well move on and dream about something we can afford / agree on… crushing the fantasy.

And how often do we tell ourselves… you’ll never be able to achieve this as a person… you are never able to pull that off… you cannot do that because those you care about will be affected… you won’t have the time or money…

Why not fantasize about things that we know may not happen? Why not indulge in fantasies maybe out of reach? Why not imagine being at happenings, even though logistically its virtually a no-no, or even things that ethically would not go down at all?

Dream big. Fantasize freely. Your mind is yours and you can still enjoy the ride!

(Massive thank you Pops and Jeff for dreaming big. It’s just the beginning!)

photo: Jeff Barbee
Suzan McCreadie is owner of INKFISH digital marketing