Jeffrey and Pierre pose next to the Dung Beetle stage.

The Beetle is ready to roll!

So its been a long couple of months of hard work.  As a journalist and film maker who dabbles in construction and mechanics, it has been an honor to work alongside Pierre Pretorius nearly every day of the last nine weeks in order to bring this amazing art and social project to light. Although my art is usually visual, this is another thing altogether – something that feels like somewhat more than the sum of it’s parts.

Inside of the Beetle’s ball, believe it or not, is our gasification unit for plastics to diesel.  Here are the latest pics from the project, and although many dozens of people and businesses and other organizations have helped us, this project came together on the ground between myself and Pierre (Pops) through an unceasingly daily schedule that stole all of our weekdays, our social lives, our humor at times,  and our Sundays too.

On Thursday the 19th we strike off south into the Karoo desert to unveil the full project at the Afrika Burn arts festival in the Northern Cape.  There is still much to do, but at least now we have the outlines of our completed project. Thanks to everyone who has given so much of their time and energy and kindness to help make this happen!