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Special Thanks!

From the Dung Beetle team we would like to really like to thank people like David Hakkens and his crew at Precious Plastic.

David shares our interest in dealing with the single use plastic problem plaguing our planet and is sharing freely with everyone so we can all “start collaborating” as his group says.  That sounds like Beetle talk to us!

He and his folks in Holland have created an open source plastic recycling system that everyone can build, complete with CAD files and build plans and handy instructional videos.  Check it out here.  We we will post our own plans for a small gassier system available for free download as we get everything going.

Our plastic shredder comes directly from their website www.preciousplastic.com.  We downloaded it as a 3d-printable file and one of our build team and crew, Julius Kliem, had it laser cut in stainless and mild steel and then built it in Durban, South Africa.

There have been so many great people helping rollout the the Dung Beetle project with everything from designs like Hakken’s to steel from the fabulous folks at Zorro Steel to Victor who is sourcing foundry sand for us, to Gerard Habib at Allsteam Engineering, who has been supportive from the very beginning, allowing us to pick his brain and pick through their wealth of sockets, fittings and other hard to find stuff.

Our team is about twenty part time and three full time workers, without whom this build would not be happening.  Inkfish Digital Marketing donated all of our social media assistance, website and other great stuff, they rock!

We also were donated a place to have our Fun-Raiser party by Kitchener’s Carvery Bar in Johannesburg last night.  Thanks DJs’ Che and Andrew and the whole party team for making that happen in such fabulous style.  It was everything a Beetle Party should be: late, loud, diverse, dancing, fun, and full of people making connections.

A special thanks must be mentioned for our financial strategy planner David Terblanche, without whom we will be left out in the financial cold.

We also really want to send a super kind and fabulous shout out to the volunteers and staff at AfrikaBurn, who’s original grant funding allowed this project to dig itself out into the light of day.  The people who make Afrikburn work are out there in the desert right now donating their time and energy to prepare the desert for one of the biggest art festivals in Africa, they will be there long after the festival is over making sure it returns to a great place for rabbit-chasing jackals. Thanks!

The Dung Beetle Project is committed to helping build a global community who use art, education and technology to deal with the single-use world.  Plastics, and the way they are created and not disposed of, are a dangerous pollution that is a plague on our planet’s diversity.  No one solution is out there, it is going to take a global community to deal with it.

In order to help this community grow when the Beetle rolls out it is not only a performance stage to help talk about solutions to the plastic problem but many other issues like climate smart agriculture, the solar revolution, and much more.  Want to be a Beetle? We invite everyone to suggest people and organizations to talk at one of our upcoming events here in Southern Africa, or at this year’s Afrikaburn.  We are also looking for artists, musicians, fire jugglers (naked or clothed) and other fabulous performers so please get in touch as well through our contact us button at the top of our page or here on: info(at)dungbeetle.africa

Thanks again to David Hakkens and the amazing team at Precious Plastics for the designs and the video encouragement, the way they have put it together is inspiration to build our own sharable dung beetle design.

Here is a photo of their dutch open-source community shredder design built in Durban…looks like a ferocious plastic eating monster! Grrrrrrrr