Education is key to our planet's safety.


So the way to get a map onto a globe of 6 meters in circumference is to project one 3 meters tall and six meters long.

So first you project onto a brown paper, then you mark the edges of the continents with a marker (which I just left open to write this so I better be quick) then you cut them out and use them as stencils on thin 1mm steel. Then you cover your ears and cut them out with a jigsaw and a steel blade. Then your use the vertical creases to shape it around the globe, er I mean the Dung Beetle’s Ball. 🙂
Now this is one type of projecting that is entirely acceptable, unless its quarter to 11 and you have to be up at 7 to build a beetle.

The pixelation in the image is actually from my terrible projector, but whatever.