People spectate the Dung Beetle stage's fire act.

The Dung Beetle Project Ignites Young Imaginations in South Africa’s Northern Cape.

On the evening of their matric dance, the students of Hoërskool Boesmanland in Pofadder, South Africa engaged with the Dung Beetle’s recycling message of hope.

While the stage churned out music by Jade Barbee, Lovely Day and the band HUMANWINE flames rose into the air and the students learned how waste plastic can be a powerful rural electricity solution and also about the benefits of recycling.

The visit is part of the Afrikaburn outreach program through their Blank Canvas Express initiative helping drive community science education through fiery fun in one of South Africa’s most economically challenged provinces. Helping bring the magic, the education and the music of South Africa’s most famous art festival to young minds thirsty for all three is what the Dung Beetle does best!