Dung Beetle's "Beetle Juice" recycled fuel.

Our New Beetle Juice Shoots For The Stars

The Dung Beetle already makes the seemingly impossible possible while changing people’s outlook on trash and recycling with its fiery message of hope, but now we have lift-off.  

The goal of turning plastic waste into liquid fuel has been achieved and now we are transmuting that greasy goo into cleaner and greener beetle gold. Our original distilled diesel we made worked on older diesel cars and generators but wasn’t quite up to our very high better-than-diesel-at-the-pump standard.

See, we don’t just want to make more dirty fuel, we want it cleaner, greener, meaner and most importantly less polluting than regular diesel. The good news is that we have pretty much made it there, with less nasty sulfur and cloudy pollutants, super low kerosene levels, and a good burn profile. Producing around 70% diesel from plastic waste while also generating electricity is a feat in itself, but making that fuel useful to everyone and less damaging to the planet is out of this world!

Great job Pierre Pretorius, Marshal Matsveru, Greg Long and Themba Masoeu, you guys put the fire in the Beetle.

Find out more about the Dung Beetle and its exciting path to cleaning up our cities as well as how it works and the concept behind changing plastic to fuel.