Man is working on the settings of the Dung Beetle stage.

Watch the Dung Beetle Project in action, as it turns plastic waste into energy.

Dung beetles- small but mighty and sacred to the ancient Egyptians for a good reason. They’re a symbol of the re-birth of hope, and a new future for our planet and humankind. That’s why they’re the namesake of the Dung Beetle Project.

The Dung Beetle Project has launched big plans for 2019. We’ve got the ball rolling, but we need everyone’s help to keep the momentum going and create a global change.

1.2 billion kilograms of plastic waste is littering South Africa every year. The Dung Beetle Project can process hundreds of kilograms of this waste every day and turn this trash into energy. The short term results are incredible. But the long term results are far reaching and life changing, not only to Africa, but to the world, the environment, our planet and humanity.

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