Notes from a Polar Bear:

My Dearest Beetles!

You have not heard from me as I was hiding in my cocoon of safety between warm baths, soft sheets and the Unicorn’s arms. My eldest wolfie, dearest Granny has passed away and I took some time to remember her by.

Now the dust has settled… I’m finally remembering: A difficult first morning after arriving to nothingness. My bestie, my beauty, Miss G sees the hellfire that I am without coffee.. (think I scared her away for good) the angel puts a warm cup of coffee in my hands. We have coffee! It’s going to be alright!

A team working hard in the harshest sun. How will we survive this heat? We create shade. We will be alright. We setup a kitchen, the mother of all mothers has prepared a cooked meal for each day, we will not be hungry, I love her already. We will be alright.

Those mad scientists pulled together and setup a plastic eating bug! Those mad scientists actually did it! We are going to be great! We setup a stage with sound so clear and deep thanks to a Beer-Munching-Bear, we are going to be the party! We forgot the shower ? Oh wait! What??!! We beg and borrow and build a shower, we are going to be alright! A dust storm nearly blows us away, we work together and then continue taking in our neighbors, helping where we can… We are those kinds of people!

I go volunteer; now that we are good others need help too! Another angel appears; Sasha and I mission, above and beyond duties to make sure all the workers have all they need: “we are getting dust blown and have no masks”; “we are thirsty and have no water” We listen to their complaints and decide there’s only one thing to do; return to base camp and get supplies; 15 Masks: Check, Biiiig bottle filled with Ice cold water: Check. Lots of sweets: Check. Sasha: “ I can share my lunch” Me: “Dammit child why are you so kind? Must run in the family… fine I can share my lunch too”: Check, Check, Check how happy they all are as we return with every request fulfilled. We’re working overtime, our legs tired, our hearts full of energy. In the evening the report comes in: “Best fluffers ever!”

Music for Monday at our home. Victor wants to learn; “how does this all work?” I explain, he listens carefully, he tries, he gets it! He’s an artist inside! We explore and talk about everything and anything for the next couple of days. He can’t be 11, he feels like my best new buddy, my ageless friend.

For the next week I experience heaven, an amazing community, that shares, teaches and helps anyone, anytime. I get to share my art, it takes me to another place when I sing, I feel light headed, euphoria as I sing into the open. I see beautiful creations. I witness from afar the entire burn at the clan. It’s like a rural ritual. So beautiful how we all howl into sky above, together. I kiss the unicorn. I travel far and see many interesting things built with two hands and a creative mind. Timeless souls. I feel the wind, the sun, the love all around us.

But eventually we have to come back to earth and on my worst day, 8 days in, nothing can cheer me up.
I’m overwhelmed: “I’m a girl dammit, with soft sensitive skin and I need warm baths and soft sheets and I want my nails to sparkle and I’m a girl dammit! I need my perfume and my hair done and I need my champagne in a sparkly clean glass, I’m a girl dammit!!!” Victor calmly wraps his arms around me; “It’s going to be ok Polar Bear. We love you, don’t worry, it’s going to be ok” … Aaaah that’s right, in this world I am a Polar Bear, I am strong. And with those words I am better, ready to do more, to carry on, to help more. “Don’t show your weakness, fight if you must, you’re the Polar Bear!”

Simon, David and the Unicorn! My sidekicks of sound! Cables, cables, cables. Speakers, speakers, speakers. Knobs, lights and buttons. Knobs, lights and buttons. Setup and take it down. Wake up: Setup and take it down. Wake up: Setup and take it down. What would I do without you? In between the sound we roam, explore, hug and dance the nights away. We meet hundreds of like-minded souls. Flashes of beautiful memories sneak into my mind. Too many to mention.

I had the best experience of my life, I realized why I’m so in love with the Unicorn. And on the one night I was scared, he was there, physically carrying me. He’ll always be near and his broad shoulders protect me. Nothing can harm me. I am safe. I am loved. Thank you Universe/Mother Earth/ God for sending the Unicorn my way!

Thank you my new found friends. Thank you for a journey. Thank you for letting me be ME (Marshmallow Queen Bitch much? ???) Thank you for opening up to me and sharing your stories. I found the beauty in each DungBeetle camp friend. Every single one of you has a beautiful heart and cares. In the women I found my wolf pack (Who’s ready for an art piece 2019?) Shhh too soon.

We return home, Miss G and I meet on Tuesdays to do Burn things. “See you on Tuesday?” “Yes, we have so much catching up to do” “Can’t wait to share”. Ah she’s back! (with coffee)!