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Building the beetle frame

Creating the actual beetle is exciting, because rest assured we are having a Dung Beetle sculpture, whether it stinks or not is up for you to decide.

After starting off the body we had Esme Thornhill-Davis come in to draw out the legs.  A 14 year-old artist, she just took a look at our photo of Pachysoma, our chosen Beetle species from the 6000 that roam the Earth, and after a a five minute perusal she took a piece of soapstone and drew the legs out on the floor. Just like that.

Slicing stainless steel her Dad, Simon and Murray Wiener held down the sheets with kettle bells so the saw could cut it.  One saw later we see what they cut out: a perfect outline of Esme’s beetle legs.  Gadija Daniels and Jeff Barbee worked on the body of the beetle, welding round bar into shape, and creating the outline.

With some shiny fabulousness the beetle will be ready soon.

Check out our first beetle build video, edited by Tanele Dlamini.