The Dung Beetle Project concept is to bring a cleaner future.

Pierre Pretorius (Pops) and his team came up with unique design of the dung beetle project which ensures maximum efficiency of energy conversion.

Pierre Pretorius (Pops) and Alwyn Van Den Berg had been working on gasification systems over the last five years at their different farms in the Limpopo Province of South Africa.

In that time they built numerous systems using single cycle gasification systems for fuel stock like wood (waste sawdust), waste oil, and single use plastics. These systems use only single amount of stock sealed into a drum, and have a limited yield.

Single cycle systems are super for immediate plastic to fuels systems with little overhead and low tech and cash input. In fact they are perfect for rural and suburban Africa. They involve sealing a couple of kilograms of plastic into a system, heating it super hot, then harvesting the liquid and gaseous fuels. They have little air impact, are an easy to make and run system and our wise-ass dung beetle teaches people to make them.

What is new here on the Dung Beetle project is the closed cycle, fluidized bed reactor/venturi system. This is not high tech, it just doesn’t have a lot of precedence, which is a complicated way of saying it has not been done a lot before. Maybe ever. The possibility that it hasn’t been done before and at this size (as far as we can see from the public literature) and in this way is not in any way groundbreaking.

What is amazing to us is that assuming we get this astounding technology off the ground using a car workshop and two 2nd hand mechanics like Pops (arguably a genius) and I (most arguably not) in a few short months, is that it was never invented before. But lets not point fingers, lets get this ball rolling and stop talking shit.

Single use plastics are a nightmare for wildlife, for water, and even the air we breathe. To turn them into a usable and less polluting fuel than the original oil feedstock that came out of the ground, with zero extra pollution is game changer and will value thrown-away plastic as the commodity it is.

Now, unlike Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy, which he gave a 50/50 chance of success and ended up launching his convertible playing David Bowie on heavy rotation, we give this project a 60/40 chance of success. The reason we do that is that like him, we are underfunded and way over budget, but here on earth’s southern African continent the science, support and the skills are strong. Besides lets face it, although this is some tough stuff, it isn’t rocket science.

Your help could mean the difference between success and failure. If you don’t like single use plastics polluting our one and only Earth please give us a hand. No matter what you give you will be listed as a maker and contributor to this vital project.

Even if you can’t give cash but have time to share, send us a note below via our handy give a shit form and tell us about how you did it. We will either publish it, or if you wish to keep it a secret, as you can see from the form, we will. Your time means a lot to us. So thank you for even reading this!

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